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As a leading provider of high-quality wholesale jewellery displays in Australia, we at Gens Packaging have had the pleasure of working with some of Australia’s leading Jewellery stores and retailers. We are passionate about doing what we can to support businesses across the country, which is why we provide discounts on wholesale bulk display orders of up to 20% across our full product range. Plus, with the chance to customise and brand your wholesale jewellery displays on large orders, you can feel confident that you’re getting everything you need, all in one place.


    Discounts on Bulk Wholesale Jewellery Display Orders

    When you’re running a jewellery business, you go through a lot of inventory, and that means that you need a considerable number of wholesale ring boxes, display stands and more to ensure you can give your customers the shopping experience they’ve come to expect. Those large orders can start to get pricey over time, which is why Gens Packaging is here to help. Spend over $260AUD, and you’ll qualify as a wholesale customer, which means you can take a full 20% off the cost of your order. So, you’re getting the same impeccable quality from your displays, without the price tag.

    Need a Stamping Model For Logo Printing?

    When branding a product for your Australian business, you will need a stamping model, which our team is more than happy to provide for a one-time fee. The cost of the stamping model for your wholesale jewellery display orders is AUD120+GST, and once we have it, we have it, so you won’t have to worry about paying for that again when printing in the future.

    How Much Will Logo Printing Cost?

    Once we’ve got your stamping model, the cost of printing will cost between AUD0.5-AUD0.8 + GST. This price difference depends on the size of the logo, and can be determined at the start of the process.`

    Wholesale Jewellery Display Branding & Customisation

    Do you need your wholesale jewellery displays to really stand out? Want to make sure that each person who buys from you knows exactly where their ring or necklace came from? Well, at Gens Packaging, our manufacturing team is here to help, with customisation and branding options on all orders that meet size requirements.

    300 PCS
    Minimum Order For Custom Wholesale Jewellery Boxes
    20 PCS
    Minimum Order For Custom Wholesale Jewellery Trays & Stands
    500 PCS
    Minimum Order For Custom Wholesale Jewellery Pouches

    Whether you have your own design that you want us to reproduce, or you just have an idea for what your new packaging needs to look like, speak with the Gens Packaging team today, and we will support you in any way we can.

    Pricing For Custom Wholesale Orders

    Generally, custom wholesale orders are priced based on material and size. After all, each project is going to be a little different, so we will do what we can to provide you with a quote that is far and suited to the size of your specific project.

    Want More Information? Contact Gens Packaging Today

    As an experienced jewellery display wholesaler, Gens Packaging understands that each business needs things done a little differently. So, if you’ve got a question or a requirement that isn’t covered on our site, let our team know, and we’ll help you find a solution that works for your needs and specifications. For all inquiries, including store visitation appointments, you can contact us here.

    Beautiful Handmade Jewellery Displays

    Get everything from stands and busts to cases and pouches, all beautifully designed and handmade.

    Branding & Logo Options

    Display your branding across every ring box and stand in your store with our branding & custom printing services.

    Customisable Jewellery Display Designs

    Need a specific style or design we don't have? Speak with our team, give examples, and see what our team is capable of!

    Buy More & Save

    Spend over $260AUD and we'll take a full 20% off the cost of your order.

    Everything You Need In One Place

    Gens Packaging has all types of jewellery displays, so you never have to worry about sourcing from different suppliers.

    Affordable Prices, Exceptional Designs

    As a jewellery display wholesaler, we care about building relationships with consistent quality and affordable products.