About us

Gens Packaging Pty Ltd is located on Western Australia, specialise in selling various types of jewellery display and packaging products, such as necklace stands, ring boxes, jewellery pouches and jewellery trays. Whether you are a retail store owner or online sellers Gens Jewellery Packaging Pty Ltd has a wide range of options to meet your needs and help you showcase your jewellery in the best possible light.

It’s great that our owner has a long-term relationship with suppliers as it allows us to get favourable prices for products. It is also important that all suppliers are strictly selected and experienced in producing jewellery packaging or jewellery display and have a good reputation, to ensure that products being sold to customers are of high quality at lower prices.

Welcome to contract us at info@genspackaging.com.au, if you have any questions about our company.